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It is an incredibly delicate subject to address because every person has struggles they have to deal with daily life. For individuals with disabilities, it can be tough at times to manage it all. However, with Scribble’s dedicated counselling services in Melbourne, NDIS participants can get the necessary assistance to get through those difficulties to achieve their goals. Here are some key ways Scribble’s counselling services help you overcome challenges.

Personalised Support Plan:

Scribble’s counsellors give importance to each participant. They recognise that each participant has their own strengths, challenges, and goals. They understand that “one shoe doesn’t fit all”. Hence, counsellors take time to comprehend each participant’s needs before creating a support plan. This approach results in more focused and intended help, which increases the probability of success because the services are customised to suit the needs of an individual.

Flexible Counselling Sessions:

Flexibility holds great importance when it comes to delivering tailored counselling services to people with disabilities. Scribble is an NDIS service provider that acknowledges its importance. It provides a range of choices to suit varying schedules according to participant’s convenience. Scribble’s counselling services try to meet the needs of participants who prefer in-person sessions at a physical location or virtual sessions via videoconferencing platforms. Because of this flexibility, participants can access counselling services in a way that suits them best. It helps them get the required help without unneeded obstacles and constraints.

Holistic Approach:

Scribble recognises that counselling is a small segment of a person’s wellbeing. Scribble also includes counselling for optimal compliance with the NDIS support model; however, the practice offers other related services like in-home support and psychosocial recovery coaching. The combined nature of this system makes sense as it facilitates a more concise and integrated approach to participant care.

Regular Review and Feedback:

Scribble’s counsellors regularly review their sessions. They also allow participants to give feedback regarding ongoing counselling sessions. This approach helps improve and enhance the outcomes.  

Expert Guidance and Strategies:

Scribble’s Counselling Services offers professional advice and techniques to help people with disabilities overcome obstacles. The counsellors have received substantial training in various therapeutic modalities and psychosocial recovery coaching in Melbourne. They use their knowledge to provide insightful advice and practical tools that help participants. In addition to lending a sympathetic ear, counsellors actively participate in the therapeutic process. They evaluate every participant’s circumstances and create strategies tailored to their requirements.

Skill Development and Building Resilience:

We understand that performing daily living tasks and navigating adulthood can be really challenging for people with disabilities. Hence, Scribble also assists individuals or their loved ones overcome this challenge. Counsellors provide skill development services such as emotion regulation, effective communication, and cognitive thinking so participants can effectively face daily challenges. Additionally, Resilience is another essential aspect of self-development since it helps disabled people respond to difficulties in life effectively and confidently. Scribble’s Counselling Services offers professional assistance and determination in creating coping strategies to help participants define a more positive and resilient life.


Thus, overcoming one’s obstacles does not have to be as lonely as climbing to the top of Mount Everest without any reliable guide. With Scribbles’ counselling services, you are not alone in your recovery journey. You have the support of experienced counsellors to help you through the struggles and become more powerful on the other side of the difficulties.

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